Life Goes On

This is real.

– I can’t tolerate with people who is in-considerate, in-human and no sense of responsibility.

– I don’t feel comfortable dealing with people with “very-alim” type. Looks like they are sooo good, but the truth is the opposite.

WHY? really u wanna know why? It’s something to do with the kids .. at their previous school/daycare (ohhh…really, they named it as day care). Something to do with the safety, something to do with their negligence … and they called it as amanah, while we as normal people named it as barakah. Got it? Still confuse?

Every cloud has a silver lining. My boys just moved to their new school (nearer, cleaner, and better) for about a month. After THAT incident, and after discussing with few others (my friends & the other kids parents…) I felt so great. For all that i knew, we’d made the right decision. while others has the same thought as us.

Ok, as parents..Β can u agree with this?

– Your son/girl injured their eyes, they did’nt informed u about it. When we told them they said they dunno???? WTF

– They don’t even called u to ask about that, why? because the teacher in-charge was her dear husband? — Ya ya… i’ve called MOH & JKM, they’d adviced us regarding this. There should’nt be any man in any kindergarten/ daycare operation. So, why was he there? why why and why?

– When u came to the school to discuss on this, they kinda avoiding us. For what? Appointment when u want to meet them. Another F.

– They are hiring Indo****an as teacher? what? – The principal can called in HER HUSBAND as replacement teacher… for at least 3 weeks.

There are ethics in doing business. did i mentioned ethics? hmmm… i really need to go now. But will be back with more updates, definitely!

Update Update maulidur Rasul

Yeay I’m back to blogging world. Hmmm… kinda busy with work & life. Hubby went outstation almost every week, leaving 3-of-us at home. Whatta tiring weeks I had. This week was good. Hubby will only be leaving next Wednesday..again! I’m the king&queen of the house. The bad thing is, this week most of them were down to fever…They are lucky that I’m still ok.

Last weekend I brought the boys to PD. We’re joining my MBA gang for the PD Outing. Hubby was busy with his paintball thingy. So we left him in Bangi..hehe We stayed 1 nite in a bungalow we’d rented. There’re 21 adults and 2 kids. Huhhhh..the boys had fun. At nite we’re having BBQ, and late night chatting session. Happy to see most of my friends were there. After about 3 months leaving the schooling days.

This week, Hubby & myself were damn tired. Pancit after a month + w/o bibik. We’d put the kids to bed at 9pm almost every night! We also dozzzedd off at 9.30. So nice kan dapat tido awal. The trick was, we’d early dinner (around 6.30pm) anywhere after the kids going-to-the-park session for 30 mins. When we reached home they’re definitely so tired. washed them, gave them milk + medicine..and there they goes…at 9pm in-front of the television..zzzZZZZZzzzz..

This week also, I had a session of Massage & facial. I founded that the price for this beauty services went down a lot! The massage was rm50.40 @ zoukspa for 1 hr. The radiant-facial went for rm25 @ this is a new beauty saloon @ Sek.7 BBB going for a promo till end of march. Another thing, the restaurant & fast food are also too quiet nowadays. The economic slowdown, had slowed everything. With that, hubby had to sofly-kill his dream to buy me a small but expensive car this year. We have to save more for the future….huhuhu… we’ll see if the economic turn better next year! wish wish wish…

Counting days

Bibik will be leaving soon this coming CNY. There will no longer mem & tuan in the house. πŸ˜‰ We’d booked our chores. Masing2 need to contribute their time & energy. No more bibik, bibik & bibik.

Lucky that my office is now nearby. I can now go out @ 7.30 and reach office @ 7.50. Terrible traffic when i pass through Worst when it’s 15 mins to 8.
Today, my car battery decided to kong @ CoIT parking lot. Actually, i didn’t switched off the lights (on my way back from meeting @ Uniten Library). Planned to go out for lunch with my x-coursemate, then only i realised it’s KONG. What a day……

How about yours?

Yesterday i received a notes from TLC in Rayyan’s communication book. Seems like it’s the end of year, TLC is calling for next year registration. And yes, there will be an increase of RM50 per child. I know, they need to revise the fee due to the increase price of everything. But it’s a bit mendadak…sama mcm kenaikan harga petrol la jugak ek..How about yr kids kindergarten @ nursery fees? is it the same? so, can conclude as increase in market price.

My problem is other than the increased fee . It’s on the transportation. We or TLC can’t settle this. It’s just too far from TLC transportation coverage 😦 Hmmmm…i’ve seek Rayyan agreement to hire other driver (upon TLC agreement) to send 2 of them to school, but he just refuse. If possible, me too don’t trust others to transport them as they are used to be on their car seat. I’m just worry about their safety. So how?

I’ve an idea of changing him to another kindergarten nearby which is just walking distance from my house. At first he said, I want TLC. But i promised to buy new bicycle for him if he want to change school. But is it ok to let the kids cycle back from school (bibik will fetch them everyday la)? It’s about 3-5 minutes cycling. Is it safer that way? But hubby said, hmmmmmm….how if u go and do some research/survey… I’m sooo confuse.

any other suggestion?

I just want to tell u….

My fren just lost her niece last monday due to some complication during labor. So sad that he’s no longer with us. Of course it’s hard for the family (especially the mummy), but god knew what he’s doing. To her sis, be strong & takziah


I spent my whole week shopping. I dunno why. I also finish reading 3 books in 5 days…not bad eh ( one of it is Lim Goh Tong — tina, i managed to finish the book ..yay!). And just now i bought 2 more books and it’s Malay parenting books tau! 1. Cara mudah memperkenalkan Bahasa Inggeris kepada anak anda & 2.Manual Kerja super suami ….. I also borrowed 4 books from uniten library just now, i will only publish the title bila i finish them… Hmmm…sound like i’ll be spending my holiday in penang with reading spree…hehe…


And tomorrow is the 2nd parent meets day @ Little Caliphs. I’ve no idea on how’s rayyan doing for the 2nd quarter of school….hmmm…maybe i was too bz lately that i’ve no time to check on him @ school. Hopefully everything was ok. I’ve not tell u about his sports day right, we’ve captured a video on him…will upload it later.


Next week we’ll be in penang. Missing Kayu Nasi Kandar a lot! and i read a lot on the Ferringhi Night Market. Sounds interesting. They said it’s turn out to be something like night market in bangkok/phuket with lots of thai’s product. woah…lemme check on it & tell u all about it when i’m back yah. Hopefully the long holiday will be fun! especially for the kids…they really need a break…well me too need a break! But bfore that, i need to pack and i hate it!!!


Over Over la…

Chicken price soars to RM7 a kilo … and they claimed “With the lifting of the ceiling price of RM6 per kilo for chicken recently, the price increase should come as no surprise because they had been trading at a loss before that.” ….

haiyorr…ada meh org still nak make sales at loss? that is not trading…it’s more towards charity la man.


Woops…i can’t control my shopping appetite. mcmmana nak buat yer? And last night i had a sweet dream. Singapora, yes we’ll be there Soon, insyaallah! πŸ˜‰