Bare with me

Never blame a day in your life.Good days Give you happiness.Bad Days give you experience.Both are essential in Life! All are God Blessings!

**** I have been going thru an “exciting” parenting experience last week, bare with me …things get harder when u’re dealing with difficult people with X number of age but C no of experience dealing with people/issues ****

It’s just too sweet …

To be with the kids is fun!

On my way back after picking up the kids from school, we passed by a 2 1/2 storey semi-d

Abang : Mummy, ni rumah orang kaya ke?
Me : Ye abang..rumah ni expensive. Orang kaya je boleh beli.

Then we passed by a new 2-storey terrace housing area

Abang : Mummy ni rumah org kaya ke biasa-biasa?
Me : a’ah Biasa-Biasa macam kita jugak…

Abang : Mummy, nanti abang nak belajar pandai2, lepas tu keja pilot, lepas tu boleh jadi kaya ..
Me : Bagus bagus…
Abang : nanti abang bagi mummy duit abang
Me : Takpe la…abang simpan je la duit abang, tak payah bagi mummy..Tapi abang jangan lupa bwk mummy & ayah g holiday.
Adik : Nanti, adik keja jadi kaya…adik bagi mummy ngan ayah syiling banyak2 ok..
Me : Hmmmm…Ok adik..kekekeke ( ni mesti sbb pengaruh bila ayah balik keja, pasti bagi dia duit syiling masuk tabung dia)


Rayyan is becoming more talkative these days. Balik sekolah je, dia mesti cerita what’s happening @ school. Lemme share some of his stories which will make me smile @ work.

1. Mummy, tadi kan masa solat idlan (his brother) tido berdengkur…abang dengar adik krrrkrrrkkrr masa sujud.

2. Mummy, Harris (his bf) hari ni kan bawak spender ayah dia pegi school… This one ha, really made me pecah perut. I wonder how was his teacher reaction .. kakaka

3. Mummy,Haris kan bawak bekal g school. Dia tak bagi pun abang sikit. Tapi bekal abang dia nak, abang kasi je dia… Hari tu kan, abang makan 1 aje nugget sbb haris makan 2, zikri makan 1… kesian anak2 aku. 🙂

4. Kesimpulannye, my son dah boleh jadi reporter, don’t u think so?

CNY in Bangi

I want LRT Cake! Hmmm..thought of baking it for Rayyan, woke up as early as 6 am to bake. But… I was busy with grocery shopping for his party (last minute shop), then I finally decided to buy a cake and add in a LRT on it..yeay! he’s happy for it.

LRT in a chocolate tunnel

Rayyan was so happy boy, he’d invited 3 of his school friends and 2 turned up!

Then, we’d to say good-bye to our bam-bam maid, Rospita Dewi. The night before, we’d Bibik farewell dinner @ Chilis after 1 whole day last-minute shopping with me.
On Monday (CNY day), all of us (including wy parents and my brother family) were in LCCT. p1030266
Bye-bye bibik. Hope you will return … although i survive but it’s painfull when it’s weekend and I have to take care of the duos while hubby is at the paintball park. more weekend = shopping for me, weekend = cleaning, ya that’s me from now on..uhuk.

He refused …

“Mummy, blh tak abg nak school 3 days je..lepas tu holiday 2, then school 3?” That’s Rayyan last night. I said, ” Tak boleh, sbb mummy & ayah work 5, abang & adik pun school 5. Lepas tu kita holiday 2 sama-sama”. He nodded.

This morning,hubby called after sending them to school. Rayyan cried. He want to go back afternoon. Tak nak balik petang. Adeh… His brother relak je. Idlan answered when hubby asked why his brother acted this way ” Tak tau la…nak naik ferry pun dah naik semlm. Hari ni nak cry jugak”. Idlan happy je to be back in school after the weekend.

Seriously, last weekend i felt that Idlan behave positively. Dah kurang dah hypernya. Nak bawak jalan pun senang…No more tantrums @ shopping mall. If i said don’t do that, he’ll adhere to it. But Rayyan was totally opposite. I need to check what makes he changed a lot. Maybe the separation anxiety after holiday ke or is it something wrong with the teacher (sbb dia dah kena tukar kelas 5 years old). But according to internet, there is 1 over 4 kids refuse to go to school at the age of 5-6 & 11-12. Hmm..yg sorg tu la anakku. For Idlan, dia good boy.. Peace Idlan!

More about the kids

I picked the kids in the evening on their 2nd day. It was raining heavily but i managed to be @ TLC on time (5 minutes to 6). There were still many kids at school (maybe sbb flash flood everywhere kan on Tuesday). Rayyan first saw me, Idlan was busy playing with his friends. Teacher called Idlan, and he jumped joyly when he noticed I was at the door. Not so good news from the teacher, Rayyan did’nt eat @ school while Idlan only ate the fried mee we “tapau” for them.

I was so sad. I scolded Rayyan in the car on the way back. He cried when I said he has to eat whatever served @ school! I prepared spaghetti bolognese for dinner as he asked for it. He ate a lot, Idlan too. After dinner, I brought him to Tesco to buy foods that he’ll like to bring to school. In the car, he told me that the chicken served is too big. At home we’ll “koyak-koyak” the ayam to tiny pieces. Padan la dia tanak makan.. anak manja. So, that night before sleep I’d pujuk2 Rayyan  & Idlan to eat @ school. Adik said “Ok mummy”. Rayyan said “makan sikit aje”. Whatever but pls eat.

Hubby told me that Rayyan cried at school yesterday while having lunch. His teacher said  he wanted to go home. hmmm… And today, I promised to call him at school. He missed me la! And he missed my cooking too! Argh…does this mean I need to prepare lunch & break for them. Supermom to be kena tabah selalu kan… sob sob.sob..

The Boys in 2009

We’d moved the kids from our room on 010109. Rayyan was very excited to sleep on his own, while Idlan felt so sad to sleep without us. Hubby finally decided on this as bibik is going off & I’m back to work, he felt the need to re-organize. There we were with shifting furnitures, organizing things, getting rid with the un-necessary & old items and lots more. Hubby really loves this chores (yes, he’s very organize & fussy hubby). As he’s strength is in this, he did most of the things while i was the one who did the shopping part (my strength, ya my strength).


I sewed the malmon curtain, believe it or not!


The wardrobe yg sesuai with their heights..easy for mummy kan

First morning was the first day i need to go to work (poor me!). Woke up at 6 and found Idlan was in-front of the door (our room). He sat there and as soon as he saw me, he started crying..”mummy, kenapa ayah tak tido bilik adik? ” waa…pity him. But i asked hubby to shift to his the kids room la (for a while that morning).

Driving was a breeze when lots of people were still on leave. Arrived MenaraTM in 20 minutes drive, hubby called me and told me that the kids had themselved showered on their own (attached bathroom)…he said “tatau nak ckp rasa apa, sedih pun ada, happy pun ada..wahahaha” And Rayyan bathed his brother…so cute, I’ved missed this part of them growing up..huhuhu..

050109 — The kids started their schooling days. They were too excited. Had been asking for weeks. Hubby sent them to TLC as i felt that it’s not right la for me to take leave on my 2nd day of work kan. Though Rayyan was in TLC last year, but this time they had to stay for whole day! The thing’s that worried me was on the eating part. Rayyan is a picky eater, fussy and lots more .He’ll eat a lot if only it’s satisfy his criteria (too many tau!). Last year, he brought food from home & he never eat school food. Takpe jugak sbb until afternoon, but how if full day?

Idlan & Rayyan were so happy @ school. No tears, always playing with friends (Rayyans’ friends are my friend too — Idlan). Back from school, they’re two happy kids eagerly chit chatting with me until mid night. They ate lunch that the school served & I was more than happy to hear that ” mummy, ayam dia sedap sangat..rice dia color yellow”. But they just drank 1 bottles of milk @ school (normally it’s about 4-5 bottles from noon to evening). Hmmm, I’ll need to see the milk intake pattern @ school but i’d ensure that they had their bottled milk once they wake up, 1 glass of low fat milk, heavy breakfast before they go to school. Every night & morning we need to remind them, eat break fast @ home & lunch served @ school!


Excited to start their school days..


We are brothers..sama kan


Eating time


Day 3 - Result of being too active for the day..kekeke


Day 3 - KO on our bed @ 9.30

Travelling Month

December 08 has been declared as “Bulan Travelling setiap minggu” for family en. PubLo. Mana taknye, lepas habis exam comprehensive we’d been to Awana, Genting. After Genting, kami sekeluarga ke Parit Buntar, Alor Star, Penang, Kuala Kangsar ( kampungku ok) & Langkap (of course kena singgah rumah MIL yer..kalau tak nanti dikatakan …. ). Ingatkan minggu ni nak rest pulak, tup tup hubby kata let’s go to PD. Hmmm…nak tak nak ikut kan je la.

Of course time tu hotel full-house sbb school holiday & christmas eve, but itu la padahnye kalau last minute plan. Kalau yg ada pun hotel + surcharge harga yg melampau ada la…which is for me it’s nonsense sbbnye bukan resort ada star pun blh letak harga mcm tu kat PD time2 ni. Lagipun, we all nak stay just 1 night & the kids needs beach+pool while kitorg pulak hunting for sea-food.

So, last sekali we all settle kat Kaynes Resort dan bilik yg ada cuma standard room twin-sharing. Actually we all dah pernah stay kat sini masa Family day family sebelah my father last year. So, we all tau la that the room is quite big la & tempat ni mmg sesuai utk the 2 kids yg gila beach ( but tau la kan pd beach bukannye best pun..) & gile swimming pool ni.


This is Kaynes Resort


Just in-front of the beach with quite large swimming pool

Bila lepas check-in, hubby pun sibuk la g keja..tinggal la me,bibik & the kids. baru nak terlelap, diorg dah jerit…nak g beach! nak g beach!..ahhh…terus bwk beach mat & segala2 equipments diorg utk main pasir, kitorg terus g lepak kat beach…lepas g beach, g pool pulak..lepas dah siap swimming & jacuzzi, pegi balik beach…then masuk balik pool…aktiviti tu berterusan dari pukul 3.30 – 7.30 ptg…bayangkan betapa anak2ku itu penggila beach & pool yer..


Rayyan & bibik @ the beach

Malamnye, we all went for seafood hunting kat pasir panjang (sempadan melaka dah)..nyum nyum…sedapnye makan tepi jeti. Budak2 & bibik dah zZZzzz selepas hanya 5 minit kereta bergerak nak g jalan2 carik makan. bila makanan dah siap, they all pun makan macam nak tak nak je..but habis jugak la..

Esoknye, pagi2 lepas breakfast dah g beach lagi! adoi…beach & pool session dr pukul 8 pagi hingga pukul 11.15 pagi. lepas dah mandi semua, kitorg order je makan lunch kat bilik je sbb hubby blom balik from jumpa client dia..then after checkout budak2 dah bising nak naik, dptla diorg naik horse.


mummy managing the kids..


Rayyan dan hobinye

Hari ni pulak Christmas..pagi kitorg mengemas rumah, petang lari gi Ikea (lagi!)..esok ingat nak bawak bibik g shopping, rupanya kena balik Langkap! sbb my FIL admitted kat Hospital Teluk Intan sbb bengkak usus (isit dangerous? ada ke ubat tradisional?) ..hopefully dia cepat recover.Enough la dengan travelling ni en. PubLo ku, minggu depan dah nak start keja..what shall i say? horay ke ayoyoyo???

AidilAdha with the kids

This year, we purposely planned to spend time with the kids. Maklumlah..last week, hubby was away for a week in Pahang while myself busy with the exam thing. So the kids boring je @ home with bibik. The “bestest” thing they had pun just mcD from the new outlet in-front of my house (” ada mcD 24hrs baru bukak sebelah kompleks pkns depan ni…sungguh merbahaya!”).

Ok, what we did last weekend?

Saturday —

After hubby went for her weekend routine, he brought us for early dinner in Chilis KLCC.




After dinner, we rushed to Istana Budaya to watch Sinbad. Rayyan enjoyed the show while Idlan, keresahan yg sungguh ketara sbb dia dah penat..sbb daytime, I brought them to watch Kungfu Panda in Person @ Alamanda.



On Sunday–

me & hubby went back to gombak after some cleaning @ home. Bila dah pass budak2 & bibik @ my mom hse, we sneaked out to IKEA. Ramai orang..but we managed to buy what we need…maklumlah, nak re-organize the house to be more praktikal sbb me dah nak jadi maid in 1 mth time..

On Monday aka AidilAdha —

hujan hujan….tak sempat pun nak g sembahyang raya..lambat bangun huhuhu…After the kids went to the surau menonton aktiviti sembelih lembu, we went to my friend house in Subang Bistari. She cooked nasi kuning Sandakan…sedap!!

From Subang Bistari, then we started our mini-holiday. Trip to genting in 2008! Nasib baik stay kat awana, risau gak musim2 tanah runtuh ni kan…After checked-in we took the free shuttle to Genting Skyway. Since outside hujan,, the kids dpt la main kat First World Indoor Park. Yang tak tahan tu nak queue…pergh..long queue. After they all puas hati & penat, we went back & reached Awana @ 11 pm.



On Tuesday —





We woke up early the next morning, went for the buffet breakfast where I enjoyed my food so much..hehe.. Then we jumped into the swimming pool..huha..boleh tak diorg pasang the hot water tu slow je..menggigil ..after about 1/2 hour, baru la diorg bukak kuat je dpt rendam2 dalam jacuzzi.. ;O After swimming, we all balik bilik & tido tido tunggu masa check-out…Habis sudah cuti2 AidilAdha kami

…. Next week, cuti2 utara pula.. 😉

Madagascar & Moms n kids day out

On sunday, Hubby was quite free. 4 of us spent our day @ Mines Resort Shopping Center. The kids ni mmg gila, we went to watch the movie. “I want to move it move it…”


After the tiring day, we went back home.. For dinner, we do another mini bbq (for the whole house aja la..)..senang sikit kerja..tak yah nak renyah2 kat dapur kan..;)

Today, Azua called at 9.30 ” Wei, anak2 aku dah tak sabar..kitorg g rumah ko dulu”. I quickly cooked spaghetti carbonara for our breakfast. As early as 11.30 we were @ Mines (again). We went for bowling…First experience for all of the kids. And they enjoyed it!


Kuat kan Rayyan


Memandang dgn penuh harapan


Excited sungguh anak ku ini


masuk longkang rupanya...

ni pulak aksi-aksi hebat wawa dan 2 anak terunanya


Ibu mithali tengah ajar anak


Excited sungguh Haziq


Yang ni aksi bowlers pencen


Ni johan game ni..maklumla lawan budak2 kenit..


Semua menunggu bola ..

So, abis sudah hari kami selepas lunch di Mines Food Court dan jalan2 ke Giant. Masa nak keluar parking, ada insiden lawak gile, siap honk india jaga parking tu lagi sbb tak yah la cerita benda mengaibkan kat sini,  biar diri ini & wawa saja mengetahuinya..hahaha

My kids

Malam Tadi

Bibik : Abang, Adik..nanti bila adik school, abang 5 years old bibik nak balik indonesia ye..

Rayyan : Haaa abang tau kenapa bibik nak balik kampung bila abang 5 years old..sbb bibik nak kawen kan kan kan?

Bibik : Ye ye (dia ikut je rayyan ckp apa…so that diorg tak terasa sgt nanti)


Pagi Ini

Me tgh mandikan Rayyan..suddenly adik ketuk pintu toilet

Adik : Mummy, mandikan adik.

Me : Ok..cepat, nanti lambat.

Me pun terus mandikan dia jugak lepas dah mandikan abang.

Me : Mummy nak g school jugak tau pagi ni adik

Adik : Ayah?

Ayah : Ayah nak g work.

Adik : Mana baju school adik? adik pun nak g school…abang + adik school.. mummy + ayah work..

Ayah : Adik, bukan hari ni…tahun depan!

Adik : wuawuawuawua..***melalak***

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