CNY in Bangi

I want LRT Cake! Hmmm..thought of baking it for Rayyan, woke up as early as 6 am to bake. But… I was busy with grocery shopping for his party (last minute shop), then I finally decided to buy a cake and add in a LRT on it..yeay! he’s happy for it.

LRT in a chocolate tunnel

Rayyan was so happy boy, he’d invited 3 of his school friends and 2 turned up!

Then, we’d to say good-bye to our bam-bam maid, Rospita Dewi. The night before, we’d Bibik farewell dinner @ Chilis after 1 whole day last-minute shopping with me.
On Monday (CNY day), all of us (including wy parents and my brother family) were in LCCT. p1030266
Bye-bye bibik. Hope you will return … although i survive but it’s painfull when it’s weekend and I have to take care of the duos while hubby is at the paintball park. more weekend = shopping for me, weekend = cleaning, ya that’s me from now on..uhuk.

My assistant and her relatives…

Bibik & I were busy preparing dinner for the family, hubby was still @ PPP while my kids were busy with their painting activities. Suddenly, i heard an incoming message @ my handfon. It sound like tis “Sampai bila nak menghindar, mak anak org dah nak mampus, agak2 la sikit, ada perasaan tak.” – Sender unrecognized number. Then i checked my fon (dgn hati yg membuak2), there are 3 miss called from the number. Then i knew it must be from my Bibik’s relatives.

I showed the sms to my bibik while my i said “kurang ajar org yg sms mcm ni, ingat ni public phone? Sepanjang masa saya kena angkat fon dia?” I straight away called the number and asked who’s on the line. She said, Lia adiknya bibik. Then i knew my guess was right. Straight away I “basuh” her with the same biadap sentences (of course i geram tahap cip*nkan).” Hei budak, kenapa kurang ajar sangat. Saya sibuk la kalau saya tak angkat telefon. Kamu ingat kamu ni siapa? Jangan memandai sangat ye. Ini Malaysia, jangan buat kurang ajar mcm di Indonesia”. Then she shouted at me pulak that she wanted to talk to my bibik. And say that his sister dah lama tidak call kampong (which is not true, she called kampong a last month). I gave the fon to my bibik, and my bibik pulak basuh her for being very rude to people. And she berani lawan and said “mamak sudah mau mampos pun kau tak mau call dia”.

Actually, the real case is she wanted to borrow some money from my maid, but my maid refused to. Tu la dia marah sangat with my bibik. And she said to my bibik & even smsed me, putus saudara with bibik. Hmmm…drama indon la nih…i’m used to this drama oredi. Hehehe… Not enough with the call, she smsed me with her biadab words again after she hang up. Then i replied, “ kamu jaga adab di negara org. Saya akan buat report polis dan akan jadikan sms2 kamu ni sebagai bukti. FULLSTOP”

At night, bibik call her mom and tell her that i’ll only accept calls from her from now on.And today, i’ve smsed her “saya sudah buat report polis dib alai polis bangi, sms kamu dijadikan bukti. Saya tak akan terima sms @ call kamu lagi.”.The truth, i tak buat report pun, just that i don’t want to layan her hopefully dia takut. And this time, she never replies anymore. Good sign.

Haiyor, really tired with my bibik relatives. Last time, her auntie that worked in Penang has taught her to ugut me. She asked her to say that she wants to go back to kampong, so that i can offer her higher pay. Wah wah wah. I realized that she started to malas2 buat kerja. So i asked her. Then only she told me that she wants to go back. I asked her to think about it again that night. If she really means it, tell me tomorrow @ 6.30 in the morning so that i can ask tuan to do the necessary. The next morning she wakes up and told me the truth that it’s becos of her auntie. She still wants to serve my family. I clearly told her that “saya tidak mahu orang yang tak ada hati nak jaga anak saya to jaga them. Kamu boleh balik bila2 kamu ada perasaan itu.” Hmmmm….it’s true. Jangan kasi sedara mara ada dekat2 mereka. They will normally ruin anything if not everything.