Travelling Month

December 08 has been declared as “Bulan Travelling setiap minggu” for family en. PubLo. Mana taknye, lepas habis exam comprehensive we’d been to Awana, Genting. After Genting, kami sekeluarga ke Parit Buntar, Alor Star, Penang, Kuala Kangsar ( kampungku ok) & Langkap (of course kena singgah rumah MIL yer..kalau tak nanti dikatakan …. ). Ingatkan minggu ni nak rest pulak, tup tup hubby kata let’s go to PD. Hmmm…nak tak nak ikut kan je la.

Of course time tu hotel full-house sbb school holiday & christmas eve, but itu la padahnye kalau last minute plan. Kalau yg ada pun hotel + surcharge harga yg melampau ada la…which is for me it’s nonsense sbbnye bukan resort ada star pun blh letak harga mcm tu kat PD time2 ni. Lagipun, we all nak stay just 1 night & the kids needs beach+pool while kitorg pulak hunting for sea-food.

So, last sekali we all settle kat Kaynes Resort dan bilik yg ada cuma standard room twin-sharing. Actually we all dah pernah stay kat sini masa Family day family sebelah my father last year. So, we all tau la that the room is quite big la & tempat ni mmg sesuai utk the 2 kids yg gila beach ( but tau la kan pd beach bukannye best pun..) & gile swimming pool ni.


This is Kaynes Resort


Just in-front of the beach with quite large swimming pool

Bila lepas check-in, hubby pun sibuk la g keja..tinggal la me,bibik & the kids. baru nak terlelap, diorg dah jerit…nak g beach! nak g beach!..ahhh…terus bwk beach mat & segala2 equipments diorg utk main pasir, kitorg terus g lepak kat beach…lepas g beach, g pool pulak..lepas dah siap swimming & jacuzzi, pegi balik beach…then masuk balik pool…aktiviti tu berterusan dari pukul 3.30 – 7.30 ptg…bayangkan betapa anak2ku itu penggila beach & pool yer..


Rayyan & bibik @ the beach

Malamnye, we all went for seafood hunting kat pasir panjang (sempadan melaka dah)..nyum nyum…sedapnye makan tepi jeti. Budak2 & bibik dah zZZzzz selepas hanya 5 minit kereta bergerak nak g jalan2 carik makan. bila makanan dah siap, they all pun makan macam nak tak nak je..but habis jugak la..

Esoknye, pagi2 lepas breakfast dah g beach lagi! adoi…beach & pool session dr pukul 8 pagi hingga pukul 11.15 pagi. lepas dah mandi semua, kitorg order je makan lunch kat bilik je sbb hubby blom balik from jumpa client dia..then after checkout budak2 dah bising nak naik, dptla diorg naik horse.


mummy managing the kids..


Rayyan dan hobinye

Hari ni pulak Christmas..pagi kitorg mengemas rumah, petang lari gi Ikea (lagi!)..esok ingat nak bawak bibik g shopping, rupanya kena balik Langkap! sbb my FIL admitted kat Hospital Teluk Intan sbb bengkak usus (isit dangerous? ada ke ubat tradisional?) ..hopefully dia cepat recover.Enough la dengan travelling ni en. PubLo ku, minggu depan dah nak start keja..what shall i say? horay ke ayoyoyo???

Warehouse sale mania

Christmas, end of year, end of season…sale, warehouse sale and mega sale..

Today I’d started my day with Perwira Nadi Warehouse sale. Corelle, Pyrex, Corningware, Vision, Rubbermaid, V-tech are going for really cheap…Ive actually been to this sale for years, every year wajib pergi..It’s all started back when i received my corningware set as my wedding gift. ..slowly, i got to admire it …lagi2 kat rumah my mom mmg guna corelle ..light, susah pranggg…and senang nak handle…(cewah mcm promoter kan..)

So, today i was at The Atria as early as 9.30am. Lucky i was early, sbb org mcm ulat. I’d done with my purchase after just 35minutes…cepat kan..jangan buang masa, nanti geng2 yg kerja2 ni sampai..abis la kena lenyek.. so what do i get?


Ini set of 3, RM239 Murah murah present for my fren wedding actually ye, not mine


pyrex square with lid tu rm35, yg bulat tu rm19


Vtech game for the kids going for RM50 each..rubbermaid mat tu rm9, utk alas kat depan toilet ni..

From atria, I went straight to Bangsar Village..actually nak g saluga. Then nampak la pulak Giordano warehouse sale…Went out with 2 leather belts & a cap…tak sempat nak amik gambar, ntah plastic dia kat mana dah..

Ok, after lunch terjebak pulak with the Philips warehouse sale with Mokcik Mona…adoi..rambang2..LCD 32′ going for RM1599 …hmm but tak usah membazir kan cik mona..


Steam Iron for RM45, Men shaver rm30

So, kesimpulannye..hari ni mmg dah shop gile gile..sampai tak sempat nak gi Thai Odyssey…takpe week masih ada 😉 So, cik aqish…sila la pegi..mmg tak rugi, investment utk masa depan kita bersama, bagitau kat abg zaim mu..hehehe

Day 3 & Day 4

Day 3 in Phuket, it’s a free&easy day. We started as early as the previous morning. Went for breakfast @ Mahsuri Bariani. Then we jumped on the bike, and there we were…riding all the way towards southern of Phuket. We stopped by Karon Beach, Kata Beach, View Point, Cape Panwa Sunset View point near Rawai Beach and lots more to name it 1by1. Very beautiful sceneries. Very relaxing. We stopped for a wet wet activities @ Nui Beach, then we took a rest @ the view point up on the hill. On our way back to Phuket town, we stopped by a Shooting Range. We spent quite some time there, hubby busy tengok tempat org la katakan..Then we went to Phuket Town for lunch. Quite late, we had our lunch @ 3pm (which is 4pm Malaysia time).


me & ein in Karon


Resting after snorkelling @ Nui Bay ..


View from one of the viewpoint @ Cape Panwa


This was the only photo yg sempat captured on our last hours in Patong..@ Patong Beach

After Lunch, we knew that we’d limited time to shop in Phuket Town as the road from Phuket Town back to Patong is uphill & winding. It’s dangerous for us, motorbikers. So, we decided on speedshopping (which I really hate la..nak shopping betul2 la kan). We only managed to buy Thomas&Friends (rail &parts) in Robinson & handbags for my mum&MIL at one of the road side bazaar. Hubby  went to a camoe shop & bought few paintball gadgets 😉

We were back @ Patong @ 8.10pm. Went to a thai restaurant in Patong, had our thai dinner and then went back to the hotel to clean & refresh our tired body. Maklumlah whole day atas motor tuh…kebas punggung. That night, we had to  find some toys for the kids (yes, the kids released us with a long list). Went in Robinson in Jungceylon with hubby while Ein&Bol went for shopping at the bazaar (argh…I have’nt got a chance to shop at any bazaar, u know..). At Robinson, me&hubby went for a facial-spa (50minutes)..hehe..masa untuk berduaan… After the spa (Jungceylon pun dah tutup), I urged the guys to send us (the girls) to a massage center. We got our Foot massage (250Baht) per person. The guys went for their Guys Night Out. After the good massage session, they picked us & we went for our supper (beef-soup again!).

Our last day in Phuket, we had breakfast at a muslim village near Kalim. Exactly in-front of the beach. According to their people, Thai Muslim Association has gazetted that area. Only halal food can be sold, and there’s no beach bench available (maklumla…semua org2 yg ada pakai kan cun cun..). And the sad thing, we missed their evening market (mcm pasar malam) where we actually can find sotong bakar. Arghhh..there’s just too many reason for next trip..hehe

After breakfast, we went to Patong beach. Then we jumped into a massage center that open @ 9.00am. I had a thai massage for 250baht/hour,while ein had her foot massage again. The guys were out to Kathu to visit the Bungee Jumping place. After the massage, we went back and quickly checked out from the hotel as the airport drop-off service supposed to be there @ 11am. On the way to airport, we stopped by at a cashew nut store. Tp mahal, as expensive as RM40/kg..beli la sikit for the family nak merasa kan.. but ends up, I jugak yg abiskan..

Anyway, lucky us because we actually had a plan to extend our stay. Just that i’m not yet prepared for my exam the followong week. So kena la balik on time. If we’d extended our stay, confirm I will need to take exam online..sebab semua traveller kat BKK airport di sumbatkan ke HKT airport. Sah2 air traffic congestedkan… Tak tau la what is the future of Thailand Tourism …. hopefully they will recover soon.

Back & Missing


After boat trip & snorkelling @ Phi Phi


This is what I call holiday ...


................. 🙂

Missing Phuket already … I’m now resting @ home

The Island & The Beach



** Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor**

This blog will be left alone for few days..The owner will be away for a honey moon. The beach & The Island holiday getaway. 😉

Oh Sogo Sale

5.00 am – Woke up for sahur

6.30 am – Get ready

7.00 am – Started my engine. KL -Seremban hiway crazy crawl due to the closure of SMART Tunnel. Damn. Changed route. Hop in to NPE. Tolerate traffic.

8.00 am – Parked my car @ Sogo car park. Made sure that it’s near to the exit.

8.15 am – Queued in front of the entrance. About 50 ppls were there already. Wahhhh..diorg keluar lepas sahur kot.

9.00 am – yeah yeah…got in Sogo. Straight away go to level 4, children dept.

9.10 am – Objective Met! send the purchased to the car. Continued shop…

————————Yes! Really made my day————————————- hunt for booster sudah berjaya!

Will blog more on the aksi2 lawak ketika di sana. Hmm.. bila balik, rasa mcm kenapa tak beli lagi ek.actually, the queuing time yg buat tensen! but then everything i’ve bought was @ the very good price. I save a lot on the booster & Perrin de Rossi bedding set. As for the kids clothes, really really good buy for their Padini & Seeds. I tried to dived into the Miki, Poney & RenomaJr bin, but been kicked out. not enough energy to stay put and berebut2. Thought of going tomorrow? u dare! tell me ’bout it.

Buffet ?

Ramadhan buffet? the price gets higher each year. This year, no more good buffet @ good price. U can have a look @ the list of price here or here. Average price is RM75++ per person.We (hubby & me) used to be the regular eaters for buffet @ hotel or restaurant before. But last year we went only once. And this year will be twice (tu pun sbb i’ll follow hubby). I feel bad to spent hundreds for buffet anymore.

As my father is now ahli surau, i got to know that each day the surau will spend RM500 for buka puasa, moreh, and daily activity (bubur lambuk and so on..) And my father said, in Buloh Kasap the surau only spent RM50 for that (yet, 1 org punya buffet price pun tak cukup kat KL, lagi kena RM++) Let’s say i’m going to the buffet this year as usual with my whole family (9 adults & 4 kids), we normally spent around rm500+ for all of us. haiya….wasting kan. should spend that amount of money to sedekah to masjid. boleh sembelih kambing lagi.

So, this year i’m no more ramadhan buffet eaters, but Hi-tea and non-ramadhan buffet is still my world. hehe… This year i’m thinking of just some makan2 pot-luck at home with my friends. Serupa macam buffet jugak kan, when we have to  taste @ variety of food. And at the same time, home cook & also param. This is the time to test my cooking skill kan. hahaha…so, lets support pot-luck buffet ramadhan and say no to ridiculous pricey ramadhan buffet!


I’ve been ignoring my blog for quite some time. Bz with homeworks, presentations and exams. So now i’m free for few weeks. I’m now looking forwards for shopping weeks..yezza …Yesterday, my singapora shopping buddy called me, she can’t make it for the trip due to she has to go for emergency outstation 😦 so now, it’s just me alone…hmm..see la how. Nak pegi sorg2 macam tak best la kan. But hubby is trying to arrange something with his friend in JB. Anyway, we’re going to penang next week. Hopefully jadi la kan..kalau tak lagi satu hal…confirm Malaya meletup.hehe..

Yesterday we spent our weekend at MV. Dah lama tak pegi MV and i was so escited. I saw a Tag Hauer shop in MV. i think it’s new outlet. But i just go window shopping la there…blom ada funding tp i feel mcm cantik je if the aquarius sport tu ada kat my wrist nih..*wink*wink* And for the boys, they’re excited too to “pau” their ayah at Toys R Us. And me, finally i got my clarks shoes there (but other design, not the one i’ve been hunting for).

About my life, i’ll be taking horse riding class anytime soon (thanks hubby for the sponsorship). Just waiting for the trainer to confirm my class schedule. We planned to get rayyan along but he’s still under age. Insyaallah kalau ada rezeki, he’ll be on board next year..yey yey..i’ll have my hero as my horse riding buddy. So, now i’m hunting for the equestrian boot & seluar kuda. but before that kena reduce my body weight la, nanti malu kat kuda..;)

BKK Shopping Trip

Ohh… another day to go before we’ll be off to BKK. And we’ve prepared everything (cash, tickets, hotel room, passport) … just that i have not pack my things yet. aha…2 shirts & 2 pants + few disposable inners will do..else, just buy it over there … 😉

I’m now preparing my  list :

TODO list


1. Pratunam + Baiyoke Market

2. Chatuchak…Chatuchak..Chatuchak

3. Suan Lum Night Market

4. Saphan Phut Night Market

5. Siam Center

6. MBK

7. Fashion City

wahwahwah…so long oredi for shopping only ho

To eat list

1. Maedah Restaurant – Lebanese Restaurant

2. Mak Yah – Tom Yam

3. Coconut shake with ice cream in suan lum 

To Buy List

…..wait until i’m back from BKK….will definitely post our experiences and what we’d….

i really miss …

wiping the cute little bump of my heroes …


The cute baby face of idlan


Travelling with my little family


together with my parents


shopping in chatuchak – me carrying idlan & hubby with rayyan at the back


Enjoying Thai Food @ Mak Yah Restaurant


And wandering around suan lum night market


dear hubby,

we really miss bangkok. can u spend us your time and $$$ sometime tis year?

luv u …

-Mummy and the 2 emir –


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