Double Triple Happiness

Happy No 1
I received an e-mail from GSM last friday, I’d passed all the Comprehensive Exam papers. I’ve finally achieved it Alhamdulillah.

Happy No.2
I’ll start working in a corporate project tomorrow (but maybe next monday la kan sbb nak settle things kat sini dulu). And the good thing is it’s located @ College of IT, Uniten (within my neigbourhood).My wish come true. Alhamdulillah.

Happy No.3
With the new CA6 (cerita ni actually sometimes end of last year..but i was not around kan), there will be some adjustment in salary, not much la kan.But I have extras in pay and I don’t have to pay for the toll & petrol to go to work. Ample parking some more.. If i need to go to Menara TM, i can claim from the Company. Alhamdulillah.

Yeeha!!! I’m so happy now. I have 2 hours extra a day (pegi-balik to TM will take me average 1 hr each way). a week I’ll have 10 hours more.  Precious!Lot’s of things i can do when my office is only 10 mins drive. Syukur syukur..

Yoga ..Haram?

The top story nowadays, Yoga is haram for muslim according to fatwa.

For me, a lot of things is also haram, but still people didn’t care to bother about it kan.

Tunjuk aurat — haram,  minum arak — haram, makan khinzir — haram,  berzina — haram, berjudi — haram, Yoga — haram

i got a lot of e-mail from friends about yoga is haram (maybe because they know i was practicing before), they’re forwading all the fatwa, reasoning and etc.. where up till making me wanna vomit blood

Hey people out there, I was once practicing yoga…but not doing it at all when the fatwa is out. Because i know, nobody can challenge a fatwa. The council will be responsible for what they’d decided. so, just follow the ruling la kan…if u like it &  u still wanna continue it, up to you la …as for me, I’ve left yoga and continue with the alternatives… pilates & belly dancing & exercising .. ..

The Island & The Beach



** Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor**

This blog will be left alone for few days..The owner will be away for a honey moon. The beach & The Island holiday getaway. 😉

Gathering Semerbak @ Bdr Baru Bangi

Salute to the power of Facebook. I’ve met a lot of long lost friends. Yang dah bertahun2, berbelas2 tahun tak jumpa pun boleh jumpa…suka sangat.

So, last saturday I’ve organized a Pot-Luck BBQ dinner at my house setelah 2 attempt tidak berjaya. Hmm..makanan best2..cheesecake, caramel, bread&butter pudding, creampuff, rojak buah dan mcm2 lagi. Tu baru dessertnye..main course pulak, kambing & ayam panggang, spaghetti (carbonara & bolognese), begedil dan macam2 lagi…argh..tak cukup perut nak makan..

Ramai yg turned up. Happy sangat dapat jumpa diorg walau pun bukan semua.. borak sampai bedegung kepala..suara sorg2 boleh tahan..kakaka…rasanya para2 husband dah mcm pening dgn sound effect sekejap sunyi sbb ada org tengah bergossip, sekejap mengilai sekuat2 hati…hahaha

Yang kelakarnye..semua sudah berubah fizikalnye… yg dari sekecik2 umat menjadi besar, yg dah besar..bertambah besar, yg lembut sudah keras.. tapi bila jumpa semua excited..nak cerita yg 14 tahun lepas punya cerita nih…

so, ni la gambar my classmate yg hadir


Yang kat bwh ni pulak gambar makanan2 yg ada..thanks friends..sedap2 semuanya..


Cheese cake tu sedap sangat!


Pergh..murah rezeki gila malam itu


Kaum adam lebih senang memanggang ayam + kambing


Ni la geng makan + gossip + makan + gelak ..


ni pulak sesi mengutuk gambar kawen

Selain makan, bergossip, bergambar…we all bwk gambar kawin masing2. maklumla..masa kenduri kawin semua ntah di mana2..tak dpt nak contact. so dpt tengok gambar kawin pun jadi la.. Nak jadi lawak, album ku dah berkulat…menandakan berapa lamanye la kitorg ni dah kawen ye..hehee…


anyway, gambar ni jugak yg i rasa masih cun hingga ke detik ini!

we had a blast night! kan kan kan … malam tu lepas mengemas rumah sampai pukul 1 pagi, we all tido dengan nyenyaknye..sedar2 dah pukul 9 pagi…

Last week of lecture


This week is my last week of lecture. After this tak payah terkejar2 g kelas lagi. But, this week jugak la semua presentation kena buat.

Tomorrow is my last Strategic Management class i have to attend. We planned for pot-luck raya celebration. At first ingat nak masak rendang bagai, but mmg dah tak sempat la kalau nak rush buat assignment semua. So, to make things easy for me.. i’ve called Sate Kajang Haji Samuri to assist me. hehehe..senang keja kan..on the way to class tomorrow evening, i’ll need to drop by their restaurant nearby ni. 😉

Hmm…tak sabar nak makan besar esok. ada ketupat daun palas + serunding, ayam percik … kacau my diet. But takpe..I am now patiently waiting for Nov to start heading to the gym& practicing my yoga again. This month we’ve freeze our account here due to the busiest month of the year punya schedule. can’t wait..can’t wait!!

Keep it down

2 weeks of holidays = 2 weeks of eating like lembu …. i’m now far from the ideal weight. Few kgs gain within this 2 weeks really make me mad now. All my pants are so tight, especially at the hip. Arggghhhhh…now i know that it’s time for me to

1. work-out more than ever.

2. Use back the long rested Osim U-Zapp

3. Control my diet especially the fat intake.

4. Don’t sleep after meal.

5. Don’t buy any new clothes. Try to be back on shape. Get back to your old pants!!!

Argggghhhhhhh…. new semester has begin!!

Time Is Money

It doesn’t matter if you work in an entrepreneurial or corporate environment: Demands on your time can pull you in two—or ten—different directions. Taking control of your schedule can be challenging, but blogger Jeremiah Owyang suggests to wrangle your workday by thinking of time as money. Though Owyang speaks from the perspective of a Web strategist, much of his advice can be applied to a variety of disciplines. Here are some ideas that you can put right into action:

Pay yourself first. Each morning, Owyang budgets two uninterrupted hours for online reading and blogging; he enjoys both activities and they increase his professional value. “Like the advice from most financial advisors, they encourage you to pay yourself first by investing in your own funds, paying your bills and making yourself (reasonably) happy before paying off your creditors,” he explains.

Cut back on unnecessary expenses. If an element of your workday doesn’t provide ROI on the time invested, spend less time on that element. Owyang cites email as a typical problem area in his daily operations. “As soon as you answer emails, you’re now paying for someone else’s time,” he writes, later noting it compounds his loss of time: “The more you respond to emails, the more you will receive.”

The Po!nt: “Cherish your time as you do your wallet or purse,” writes Owyang. “This is yours, and unlike money, you can’t invest and grow new time, you can only manage the existing time you’ve got, cut into other areas, or hire someone under you to do it.”

(Source :  MarketingProf .com)


Fall in love with pilates because

1. The instructor is damn macho. His body is a big wow!

2. I sweat so much in the aircond room.

3. I read that pilates can tone & firm the body, insyaallah.

For some intro, 10 minutes pilates is available here

Choose to lose in 2008

One of my 2008 resolution is to lose weight. I’ve gained unacceptable xtra kgs since i’ve started my studies full time. I’ve joined in fitness club for this purpose. HEALTHY DIET is another important point. What can we do to win in this?

Resolution 1: Eat a good breakfast! All the research reports reveal that you eat less and lose more if you start off the day on the right nutritional foot.

Resolution 2: Eat the veggies. Vegetables fill you up, not out — and they add variety to your low-carb diet. So go for the green with gusto!

Resolution 3: Take a snack pack with you when you’re on the go at  school or away from home. Whether you enjoy crunching on baked chicken legs or dipping into a low-carb carton of yogurt, make sure to take the time each morning before you leave to fix your “go-to” snack pack!

Resolution 4: Put on your chef’s hat! Each week, try a new recipe that is permitted on your diet.

Resolution 5: Slow down and eat more mindfully. Pay attention to your meal, and don’t multi-task by reading, watching TV or paying bills in between bites.

Finally, i hope i can win this game… target is fair enough, 50 kg by March 2008. and maintain there till year end.phew!