Double Triple Happiness

Happy No 1
I received an e-mail from GSM last friday, I’d passed all the Comprehensive Exam papers. I’ve finally achieved it Alhamdulillah.

Happy No.2
I’ll start working in a corporate project tomorrow (but maybe next monday la kan sbb nak settle things kat sini dulu). And the good thing is it’s located @ College of IT, Uniten (within my neigbourhood).My wish come true. Alhamdulillah.

Happy No.3
With the new CA6 (cerita ni actually sometimes end of last year..but i was not around kan), there will be some adjustment in salary, not much la kan.But I have extras in pay and I don’t have to pay for the toll & petrol to go to work. Ample parking some more.. If i need to go to Menara TM, i can claim from the Company. Alhamdulillah.

Yeeha!!! I’m so happy now. I have 2 hours extra a day (pegi-balik to TM will take me average 1 hr each way). a week I’ll have 10 hours more.  Precious!Lot’s of things i can do when my office is only 10 mins drive. Syukur syukur..

Finally It came to the end


After a hectic days for the past 2 weeks, I can now sit down and rest. I’ve completed my Comprehensive Exam. But I’m not so confident with the outcome. Not with the business & management papers, but the IT paper. how can they put 21 long questions (for 5 subjects) to be answered in 4 hours. The person whois preparing the paper is “brainless”. Gila ek nak baca & ingat for 5 subjects. My fingers numbed for few days.. Crazy, that’s all i can said about the papers.

After the final exam, which was the IT paper, myself and my 2 classmate went to Mines for Thai Odyssey Threat! ..Siok i tell u…after weeks of sleepless night..

Another 2 weeks to wait for GSM to announce my result, if i need to re sit pun re-sit je la..


GSM-UPM - The best business school in Malaysia Dec 2008...

Will update soon about our Raya Haji. We spent our time in bangi-gombak-genting … now we’re back to gombak

Why I really hate yesterday..

Somebody is ruining my day and my nite. using me for own interest. It’s so bad when u gave a helping hands because u knew she needs that, but she did’nt know how to appreciate. And now I am the one who have been punished.

The truth has reveal. She’s not to be blame. It’s a technical problem. But now I’ve still learn my lesson. And it will stay with me for the rest of my life….

**** I need more time to think on revealing the truth. Right now I’ll just swallow it..hmmm but how eh if i can’t even chew it. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. In the need of retail therapy to release some stress … or a visit to thai odyssey for an hour and a half?

Game Over …

After about more than a month struggling, i’ve finally finished my final paper for my 2nd semester in GSM. It was getting tougher and tougher each semester. Next 2 weeks i’ll be entering my 3rd semester…and all the 3 subjects will be the killer subjects. I have 2 colleagues that has drop MBA just because of the financial management paper that i’ll be taking next semester.

Hmmmm….i dunno what will happen next semester. We (my classmates) plan to start our revision as early as possible…hahaha…the same thing that we’d promise this semester but when we’re busy with all of the PBL, SCL and all the Ls….

Tomorrow I’ll be presenting for my HRM paper….wish me luck..

and this evening, we’re planning to have dinner @bagan lalang…..yey…sotong goreng tepung

Five thumbs up!

I had fun @ eagle ranch because

  • I’ve met new friends in my graduate school, and we share  lot of experiences and knowledge
  • we’ve been divided into 4 teams, and has been given 14 mission to be completed within the given time period. The activities that I’d really enjoyed are:
    • Lost in sea : kena campak tengah laut in group, then we need to swim back to the shore. We’d been in the sea for 1 hour and 45 minutes….really mencabar
    • war Game : dropped inside the jungle at 8.00pm to fight the gerillas (real org asli punya gerilla). Our mission is to get a document bag were kidnapped by the gerillas. Takut gile dekat gerilla2 tu. Serang tak kira lelaki perempuan … we complete our mission at 2.00am. Our strategy were to combine the 4 groups then we all serang gerillas punya campsite. Pergh ….. and i dah terserang the cameraman..hahaha
    • Water Rafting
    • Abscelling & Flying Fox
    • Mental exercise : we all dah stress tahap gaban nak solve, hampir2 perang sesama sendiri ….

Finally, really enjoy the trip. Tp badan rasa nak patah kena baling bom (soya basi) fr gerilla. Busuk jgn cerita la…siap ada yg muntah kena bom. Hari ni, lebih 3 jam memanjakan diri kat serenity spa. best!

Fitness Time

Yesterday i was quite shocked with the news that I need to attend the GSM Strategic Management Camp @ Eagle Ranch from 24th till 27th Jan. Actually hubby needs my assistance during that time to coordinate an event @ his paintball arena. I’m confused. i just dunno what to do. I want to be at both places. At last i’ve asked my parents to come in and assist as i won’t be around. But i need to make the necessary arrangement before i’m off for the long break kan boss 😉

I remembered my last camp / outing was about 8 years back. It was during the New Executive Training Program @ Outward Bound School Ampang Pecah. I’ve ended the camp with muscles all over my body especially my calves. Knowing the fact that i have’nt swim nor do any exercise for quite some time and my body is gaining so much FAT lately, i need to jump start my body. Tomorrow morning i’ll go jogging after sending rayyan to school and if the weather is good i’ll go out swimming with my 2 heroes 🙂