mom’s day 2009

Happy Mothers day to all of you. For me, this year mother’s day was filled with medicine, cool-fever and soup. yes, the fever started a day after the little caliphs sports day. adoyai…teruk betul la. The kids also have slight flu & cough. Panas sangat kat luar.

Oh ya, hubby & the kids have something for me this moms day. The jade pendant that i’ve been eyeing for months. yeeha..thanks love!


As for myself, i gave my mom a wrist-watch. She’s planning to buy one, so that’s why i bought it for her. Love her sooo much & hope she likes it!


Back to reality, a lot of diseases outbreak for the past 1 month. So, what is your action? Me? Few times a day reminding the kids to wash their hands & foot especially when they are having their meals. And, from now on i will try my best to cook dinner for them. Safe & Save!


Economic downturn maybe bad for some. But some may leverage on this and treat it as an opportunity to gain extras. I’m also contemplating of how to leverage on current situation. Thought of buying another house (for investment purposes as i really like the location and facilities) initially, but then hubby don’t really like the house layout when it’s launched last week (duhhh). Now we’re hunting for bungalow lots (again!). We feel that buying piece of land is much more fun (or is it worth the investment?). So, now the clock is ticking. we’re hunting for a land for sale. Preferably in south Klang Valley i.e. Bangi, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya and Kajang. If any of you found any advert on this, pls fwd it to us ya! we’re serious buyer if we feel it’s worth the investment!


I’m an observer type of person. So does my son, Rayyan. Lately, i can easily feel pissed off when i interacted with this type of “funny-not-so-funny” people. argh… No no, maybe it’s PMS. but really, they are terrible…kakaka

V6 merajuk!!!

Latest News : Today I’ve got my car! best best … Hubby changed his mind to purchase another car when he got the car, ada sentimental value katanya…though it costs him total of 3.7K.  So, tomorrow i’ll be back with my 2.0. Tension woooo drive 1.3 masa cuti sekolah… 🙂

Update :- The workshop called in this’ll cost us 3K for them to repair our gearbox…fuh fuh…better still than to fork out more for a replacement!!! phewwwww

This morning I was supposed to be in Le Meridian, KL Sentral for a convention. At 7.20 am my car broke down at Sg. Ramal Dalam. Yes’s the gear box thingy. There goes the $$$ for this week paintball said hubby .. It’ll definitely cost not less than 5K but no more than 10K. Perdana V6 with the not so funny gearbox!!!! and this will leave me to be car-less for at least a week. Dah la sekrg high-flyer as according to Tina, I can just be anywhere within the working hours. Meeting ntah kat mana2..

Mesti V6 merajuk sbb we all have discussed about having another car recently while we’re on our way to T’ganu. And today we finally decided to use the car for at least till end of year, so that our investment in the new gearbox make sense!! Tapi surely tak boleh nak dapat rebate RM5K sbb tak sampai 10 thn lagi…Bye Bye VW GT! You will always be in my dream…

Ganu Kito

I’ve been ignoring the blog for more than a week now. I’m sort of busy with life and family, and let’s don’t talk about work. Everything is so taxing nowadays.

We were at Kuala Tganu last weekend. It’s my 2nd time there, the first time was with my-ex-UPM gang during the trip to Kapas Island (after we completed our degree in 1999).

The journey took us about 8 hours including a short stop in Kuantan and Kemaman. The kids were so restless, excited to reach the place. We stayed along Pantai Batu Burok (weird name, but the place is nice). The kids really enjoyed the stay as the room we stayed is pool-view and it’s 3 minutes walk to the kids park. Location is great as hubby got to settle his work, we could always go wherever we wished.

We went to the famous Pasar Payang & Masjid Kristal, shopped for few pieces of batik silk as they were soooo beautiful, went for a free town bus ride to muzium islam and so much more…Belief it or not, i have’nt got a chance for nasi dagang! But of course i had a lot of keropok lekor & ais krim goreng.

Not to forget, we have a new family member in Hj. Mohshir family. Afiqah Sofeea Aliza was born on 10th February 09 at Ampang Puteri Medical Center weighted 3.15kg . Congratulation Bro & Sis. The boys commented ” mummy, kenapa kakak sara boleh ada baby tp abang tak boleh ada baby? abang nak baby girl” while their hands menggeletek kaki & tangan baby dgn geramnye…. hahaha..not now boys, mummy can only take care of u both as at now. Penat pun tak habis lagi tau!

I will add photo later today ya.

Double Triple Happiness

Happy No 1
I received an e-mail from GSM last friday, I’d passed all the Comprehensive Exam papers. I’ve finally achieved it Alhamdulillah.

Happy No.2
I’ll start working in a corporate project tomorrow (but maybe next monday la kan sbb nak settle things kat sini dulu). And the good thing is it’s located @ College of IT, Uniten (within my neigbourhood).My wish come true. Alhamdulillah.

Happy No.3
With the new CA6 (cerita ni actually sometimes end of last year..but i was not around kan), there will be some adjustment in salary, not much la kan.But I have extras in pay and I don’t have to pay for the toll & petrol to go to work. Ample parking some more.. If i need to go to Menara TM, i can claim from the Company. Alhamdulillah.

Yeeha!!! I’m so happy now. I have 2 hours extra a day (pegi-balik to TM will take me average 1 hr each way). a week I’ll have 10 hours more.  Precious!Lot’s of things i can do when my office is only 10 mins drive. Syukur syukur..

Welcome 2009

Happy new year to all. 2008 brought a lot of wonderful memories for myself and also for the family. 2008 will remain one of the sweetest year in my life.

2nd January 09 — Back to office! Came with a lot of positive perceptions & motivations. Wish that i will be able to face the challenges in 2009 … working & maid less (soon to be). wish me luck ya!

Gathering Semerbak @ Bdr Baru Bangi

Salute to the power of Facebook. I’ve met a lot of long lost friends. Yang dah bertahun2, berbelas2 tahun tak jumpa pun boleh jumpa…suka sangat.

So, last saturday I’ve organized a Pot-Luck BBQ dinner at my house setelah 2 attempt tidak berjaya. Hmm..makanan best2..cheesecake, caramel, bread&butter pudding, creampuff, rojak buah dan mcm2 lagi. Tu baru dessertnye..main course pulak, kambing & ayam panggang, spaghetti (carbonara & bolognese), begedil dan macam2 lagi…argh..tak cukup perut nak makan..

Ramai yg turned up. Happy sangat dapat jumpa diorg walau pun bukan semua.. borak sampai bedegung kepala..suara sorg2 boleh tahan..kakaka…rasanya para2 husband dah mcm pening dgn sound effect sekejap sunyi sbb ada org tengah bergossip, sekejap mengilai sekuat2 hati…hahaha

Yang kelakarnye..semua sudah berubah fizikalnye… yg dari sekecik2 umat menjadi besar, yg dah besar..bertambah besar, yg lembut sudah keras.. tapi bila jumpa semua excited..nak cerita yg 14 tahun lepas punya cerita nih…

so, ni la gambar my classmate yg hadir


Yang kat bwh ni pulak gambar makanan2 yg ada..thanks friends..sedap2 semuanya..


Cheese cake tu sedap sangat!


Pergh..murah rezeki gila malam itu


Kaum adam lebih senang memanggang ayam + kambing


Ni la geng makan + gossip + makan + gelak ..


ni pulak sesi mengutuk gambar kawen

Selain makan, bergossip, bergambar…we all bwk gambar kawin masing2. maklumla..masa kenduri kawin semua ntah di mana2..tak dpt nak contact. so dpt tengok gambar kawin pun jadi la.. Nak jadi lawak, album ku dah berkulat…menandakan berapa lamanye la kitorg ni dah kawen ye..hehee…


anyway, gambar ni jugak yg i rasa masih cun hingga ke detik ini!

we had a blast night! kan kan kan … malam tu lepas mengemas rumah sampai pukul 1 pagi, we all tido dengan nyenyaknye..sedar2 dah pukul 9 pagi…

I’m bored..though I have a lot to read..keke

Serious, takde kelas = takde semangat nak study. demn kan..Last week & this 2 days my weekdays abis dengan menjaga kontraktor indo aka ex-member peterpan nih..hehe..

So, what I did now is more to websurfing, online shopping ke online window shopping? carik resepi. Mcm biasa..desert yg dirasakan sedap dan mampu untuk ku buat. Betul. I like to cook. Tp I limit my time to the max of  45minutes at the kitchen setiap kali masak. Kenapa? Sbb kalau lebih 45 minit tu, I tgh continues with eating. kekeke

Di kala ini jugak, my garden dah ada rumput yg menghijau bersama 3 batang pokok (bunga?). Dah lama dreamt of a mini garden, tp everytime hubby tried to tanam rumput (mutiara la.) semuanya fail.This one pun berjaya ditanam dan menghijau sbb panggil cina tanamkan..hahaha..mengelat. So, sekrg my evening time dipenuhi dengan aktiviti gardening…new thing, new thing…

My house? sama aja..takde perubahan. Mcmmana kami masuk, minor2 reno..mcm itu la sampai hari ini. Cuma daily cleaning and maintenance la..kalau tak serupa hidup dlm sarang labah2 plak. But bila pegi Macy Warehse sale 2 minggu lepas, mmg tempting tau tengok sofa, bar stool ..but sabar sabar…org tak banyak mana pun dlm rumah ni nak duduk..gatalz je lebih..

My Kids? Rayyan dah nak cuti sekolah. next year Idlan will join his abang. Finally decided to continue kat TLC though ada byk dugaan sebelum nak decide tu (transport la mainly). Dah survey this area punya comment! But seriously, byk sgt kriteria kot yg telah ditetapkan oleh pihak2 tertentu dlm rumah ni..hehehe..

Hubby? Ini boss banyak bz. Tak nak comment la nanti allowance kena cut.

Bibik? Sekarang dia dah pandai masak..habis semua resepi my mom and myself ada copy kat buku pink (buku resepi dia). Padan la mem makin hari makin tem***.

Dilwali Eve

Done with my exam last saturday evening. On sunday, i’d organized a makan2 session for my class mates (sorry that there’s no so called open house this year)…Penat sgt kalau nak buat open hse due to takde assistant. Hubby’s busy @ his paintball park. I’m the one who did the groceries, cooked and all the small2 thingy. Nasib ada bibik as my assistant. But, one thing about me…my hands are faster than my words especially kat dapur…kadang2, bibik pun kalah dah with me…ends up, i just asked her to just duduk depan jaga budak..ha ha ha…

On Sunday evening, my school friends were here, at night pulak..gathering geng lantai pecah CS-UPM99…..Lamanya tak jumpa! Happy, sbb finally we all blh gak get2gether…susah actually to get everybody, cukuplah apa yg ada kan..

Me with my wakil SEMERBAK (form4-form5)

Sabah Negeri di Bawah Bayu..geng SBPS@SMESH

Ni lah damage yg perlu kami terima hakikatnye..hehehe

BBQ at night...chef imported from Puchong & Setapak

VIP..gile lama tak jumpa..special turun dr seremban

Ini la Ali. Dia la kawan kitorg paling banyak benda nak di sejarahkan. Antaranya …

1. Dia telah meruntuhkan lantai rumah government quarters tempat tinggal familyku di raub masa kitorg buat projek aktiviti senggang!

2. Bas yg kita naik tak boleh naik bukit…sampai dia kena turun baru bas tu gerak..wakakaka..

3. Punya suspen pegi pulau kapas naik bot dengan dia ni…

4. Dia jugakla antara yg kawin awal….

Ini la pasangan sehati berdansa..wawa&Baiza

Hah…ni cinta karas! Kwn kitorg yg paling awal kawin sbb boypren aka hubby dia grad awal..Dah la masa bertunang tak bagitau, tapi kantoi juga…tapi paling aku tak boleh lupa, hubby kau pakai spek hitam dalam mengharung hujan masa kenduri kau wa! wakaka…..

Ni pulak pasangan sehati berdansa last season..mona&Hidzir

Puan Mona ni manusia paling bising dalam kelas. Tanya la sapa tak kenal dia..sure org tu katak bwh tempurung! Ni yang paling aku tak boleh lupa…ko melalak sbb kening ko hancus di kerjakan mak andam di malam nikah kau!wakaka

Ini new parents ni...welcome to the club

Is ni kira geng kitorg yg paling last kawin. Jenuh jugak la dia ni mandi bwh jambatan rasanya..last2 dapat gak bini yg mengikut citarasa dia..alhamdulillah.. Kenangan paling aku ingat, dia akan ada depan pintu rumah sewa kitorg setiap kali kitorg balik dr cuti raya…buat apa? melantak kuih raya…

Ini keluarga en Meor. Diorg ni mcm myself..bercinta dr UNI. but diorg ni cinta karas…satu uni tau. Mcm my self, hubby simpan buat pekasam..hahaha..

All of us…finally together…best! Shall be doing this lagi kan..serang2 rumah orang..sapa nak amik nombor for bulan november?

Wireless, Video games & TV

While doing my research on video games industry, I found this…

“Family TV time has been steadily declining as younger people are increasingly drawn to spend time surfing the Web, instant messaging friends or texting.”

And it’s kinda true pulak for me…mana tak celik mata terus connect to internet, so does bila nak tido..check mail dulu….same goes to hubby, brothers, mom & dad (kat gombak ler bukan kat langkap). Can’t imagine the kids plak when their friends are also on the net! hmmm…pros & cons …

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