Be-lated entry..My birthday

Simple is the keyword. Why? Because I have to complete my exam by that evening. huhu…But, it’s a great day for me though, I had the chance to help hubby @ PPP. tak cukup staff on weekdays. Then got 1 group of 40 students from cheras coming for the game. huh, apa lagi…me la jadi tukang bersih marker & isi paintballs dalam hopper. hehehe…best! My first attempt.

In the evening, dalam hujan lebat tu…we had our simple celebration @ home. Just a cake & the kids sang the birthday song…the cake- finished within 24 hours…Idlan loves chocolate indulgence!

At night, me & hubby had our dinner at Johnnys Alamanda. Earlier hubby planned for a dinner @ Outback Steackhouse. Tp di sebabkan banjir kilat, the plan was canceled. So, there we were @ Johnnys having our no1 best tomyam steamboat & no.1 kerabu mango. Tell u, the kearbu manggo damn delicious! I’m now drooling tambah2 dibulan puasa ni.. That ends my day.

Birthday present? I’m not prepared with birthday present wish this year. But, for the past few days I was dreaming of this

yes, It’s a bread maker. So no more muscles needed to knead the dough! Need to go for bread maker shopping with hubby then… so, if i got it before hari raya, no cookies will be served! 😉


I still remember…

– All the girls during that time were chasing for them

– I watched their video clips again and again..

– I used to dance along with the music

– I owned & wore a buckled leather shoes, big buckled belt (with all the paku paku thing) and most of my friends have it. hehehe

Why i suddenly think of NKOTB? Because i missed those days. When I was still young and energized. With all my gila2 remaja friends. Not that i’m old & dull.

Just that i’m officially 1 year older.

I’ll update on how my day will be today. Hubby was here just now to wish me in-front of my notebook. Ya ya.. I’m now tied to all the assignments…and also, i have to complete my take-home-mid-term. The due date is today…Happy Birthday to Me!

Idlan is 3

Idlan was prematurely born on 27th April 2006 due to me having so many complication ( maybe dia ni ganas kot dalam perut). Yesterday he’s turn THREE..

We’d organized his first birthday party at Restoran Sate Haji Samuri @ Bangunan Datuk Nazir in Kajang yesterday evening. We had a great time. About 80 adults and 45 kids turned up. Idlan was soo happy to have his Bob the Builder cake and friends around.

We didn’t capture many pictures due to the photographer (part-time marshall @ PPP) was late as the paintball game ended late evening. So, i just managed to capture few photos before the big crowd came. To all who have attended, thanks for coming. Also thanks for the birthday gifts & ang pows. Hope that you enjoy the party & foods. Sorry if i can’t spend much time to chat… For those who could not managed to join us, it’s ok…kalau ada rezeki, kita party next time yah!!

Mini cupcakes  – [photo courtesy of Mona]

The bday cake [photo: courtesy of mona]

Idlan sang for “Happy Birthday to me'”

I guess he can’t see …. hehe

tina , lim & her mom — my buddy to anywhere 🙂

ana – my schoolmate & bestfriend with her new hubby 🙂 ( she just got married)

Sika : my schoolmate in Sabah

Mona- leader geng taiko @ UPM

Azua – member geng taiko @ UPM

Aien – schoolmate & UPM mate ( her son is 4Y u know)

My brother & son .. Yanti my course mate at the side

Hubby’s UPM buddies … together we play…


There were many more..but we did’nt get the time to capture it 😦

Weekend without him

Last suday were my nieces (2 in 1 for sara & afiq) birthday party @ kelab tasik titiwangsa. I’ve promised sara to prepare a barbie princess cake for her. And this is what she had yesterday from her mummy


afiq cake was an ice-cream cake prepare by my mom — mmmm delicous

This is what I’ve captured during the party



susahnye mummy nak potong ….


Posing maut

After the party we headed to the horse riding recreation at Titiwangsa Lake.

horse_r.jpg kuda_both.jpg

Horse Riding Session ….


Back home, hubby wasn’t back yet from Cyberjaya Paintball Challenge. We’re waiting for him to celebrate because his team got to be the champion …hehehe..


So, we had a celebration at night


And for me, i’ve received xtra cash for my bangkok trip becos hubby promised to give his prizes to me…


Rayyan Birthday

Rayyan Birthday party was held at Taman Botani Putrajaya. Thanks friends for coming to celebrate the day with us!


The Cakes


Get ready …


The birthday boy


Hot cuppies


Eating time


Walking to the station


The trem


Bye mummy … we’re going for a ride


Bubble Time with jon & mummy


Danish with the bubble, mia still exploring …

….will update more pics in few days time. I need to pack for my outing to eagle ranch this afternoon. Catch u all later!

Barbie Cake

My classmate at GSM had asked me if i can bake Barbie Cake for Qashreena (her daughter). as lately i’ve been enjoying decorating cakes, i’ve agreed with her request. so tomorrow early in the morning i’ll start my project…hehee…hopefully it’ll be as beautiful as others.. 😉