Life Goes On

This is real.

– I can’t tolerate with people who is in-considerate, in-human and no sense of responsibility.

– I don’t feel comfortable dealing with people with “very-alim” type. Looks like they are sooo good, but the truth is the opposite.

WHY? really u wanna know why? It’s something to do with the kids .. at their previous school/daycare (ohhh…really, they named it as day care). Something to do with the safety, something to do with their negligence … and they called it as amanah, while we as normal people named it as barakah. Got it? Still confuse?

Every cloud has a silver lining. My boys just moved to their new school (nearer, cleaner, and better) for about a month. After THAT incident, and after discussing with few others (my friends & the other kids parents…) I felt so great. For all that i knew, we’d made the right decision. while others has the same thought as us.

Ok, as parents.. can u agree with this?

– Your son/girl injured their eyes, they did’nt informed u about it. When we told them they said they dunno???? WTF

– They don’t even called u to ask about that, why? because the teacher in-charge was her dear husband? — Ya ya… i’ve called MOH & JKM, they’d adviced us regarding this. There should’nt be any man in any kindergarten/ daycare operation. So, why was he there? why why and why?

– When u came to the school to discuss on this, they kinda avoiding us. For what? Appointment when u want to meet them. Another F.

– They are hiring Indo****an as teacher? what? – The principal can called in HER HUSBAND as replacement teacher… for at least 3 weeks.

There are ethics in doing business. did i mentioned ethics? hmmm… i really need to go now. But will be back with more updates, definitely!

1 Comment

  1. mum2h said,

    July 7, 2009 at 2:49 am

    oit mana sambungan ni!!!!

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