Economic downturn maybe bad for some. But some may leverage on this and treat it as an opportunity to gain extras. I’m also contemplating of how to leverage on current situation. Thought of buying another house (for investment purposes as i really like the location and facilities) initially, but then hubby don’t really like the house layout when it’s launched last week (duhhh). Now we’re hunting for bungalow lots (again!). We feel that buying piece of land is much more fun (or is it worth the investment?). So, now the clock is ticking. we’re hunting for a land for sale. Preferably in south Klang Valley i.e. Bangi, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya and Kajang. If any of you found any advert on this, pls fwd it to us ya! we’re serious buyer if we feel it’s worth the investment!


I’m an observer type of person. So does my son, Rayyan. Lately, i can easily feel pissed off when i interacted with this type of “funny-not-so-funny” people. argh… No no, maybe it’s PMS. but really, they are terrible…kakaka

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