Update Update maulidur Rasul

Yeay I’m back to blogging world. Hmmm… kinda busy with work & life. Hubby went outstation almost every week, leaving 3-of-us at home. Whatta tiring weeks I had. This week was good. Hubby will only be leaving next Wednesday..again! I’m the king&queen of the house. The bad thing is, this week most of them were down to fever…They are lucky that I’m still ok.

Last weekend I brought the boys to PD. We’re joining my MBA gang for the PD Outing. Hubby was busy with his paintball thingy. So we left him in Bangi..hehe We stayed 1 nite in a bungalow we’d rented. There’re 21 adults and 2 kids. Huhhhh..the boys had fun. At nite we’re having BBQ, and late night chatting session. Happy to see most of my friends were there. After about 3 months leaving the schooling days.

This week, Hubby & myself were damn tired. Pancit after a month + w/o bibik. We’d put the kids to bed at 9pm almost every night! We also dozzzedd off at 9.30. So nice kan dapat tido awal. The trick was, we’d early dinner (around 6.30pm) anywhere after the kids going-to-the-park session for 30 mins. When we reached home they’re definitely so tired. washed them, gave them milk + medicine..and there they goes…at 9pm in-front of the television..zzzZZZZZzzzz..

This week also, I had a session of Massage & facial. I founded that the price for this beauty services went down a lot! The massage was rm50.40 @ zoukspa for 1 hr. The radiant-facial went for rm25 @ this is a new beauty saloon @ Sek.7 BBB going for a promo till end of march. Another thing, the restaurant & fast food are also too quiet nowadays. The economic slowdown, had slowed everything. With that, hubby had to sofly-kill his dream to buy me a small but expensive car this year. We have to save more for the future….huhuhu… we’ll see if the economic turn better next year! wish wish wish…


  1. AQisH said,

    March 10, 2009 at 9:15 am

    woooo..lamanyer ko mengilang segala²nyer off..ym dh lama tak on eh..;-)

    btw aku pon hectic..setiap hari eh..sampai rmh kul 7 pastu bersilat buat itu ini..fuhh..ko tunggu anak2 ko msk sek. nnt hehehe..

  2. mum2two said,

    March 11, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    cik aqish. bz la..dah keja ni semua la tak sempat. YM lagi la pulak kena block.
    Hmmm…tatau la aku kalau budak2 ni masuk skolah rendah..tp hopefully masa tu dah ada bibik balik la..

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