I’ve been ignoring my blog for quite some time. Bz with homeworks, presentations and exams. So now i’m free for few weeks. I’m now looking forwards for shopping weeks..yezza …Yesterday, my singapora shopping buddy called me, she can’t make it for the trip due to she has to go for emergency outstation 😦 so now, it’s just me alone…hmm..see la how. Nak pegi sorg2 macam tak best la kan. But hubby is trying to arrange something with his friend in JB. Anyway, we’re going to penang next week. Hopefully jadi la kan..kalau tak lagi satu hal…confirm Malaya meletup.hehe..

Yesterday we spent our weekend at MV. Dah lama tak pegi MV and i was so escited. I saw a Tag Hauer shop in MV. i think it’s new outlet. But i just go window shopping la there…blom ada funding tp i feel mcm cantik je if the aquarius sport tu ada kat my wrist nih..*wink*wink* And for the boys, they’re excited too to “pau” their ayah at Toys R Us. And me, finally i got my clarks shoes there (but other design, not the one i’ve been hunting for).

About my life, i’ll be taking horse riding class anytime soon (thanks hubby for the sponsorship). Just waiting for the trainer to confirm my class schedule. We planned to get rayyan along but he’s still under age. Insyaallah kalau ada rezeki, he’ll be on board next year..yey yey..i’ll have my hero as my horse riding buddy. So, now i’m hunting for the equestrian boot & seluar kuda. but before that kena reduce my body weight la, nanti malu kat kuda..;)

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