Five thumbs up!

I had fun @ eagle ranch because

  • I’ve met new friends in my graduate school, and we share  lot of experiences and knowledge
  • we’ve been divided into 4 teams, and has been given 14 mission to be completed within the given time period. The activities that I’d really enjoyed are:
    • Lost in sea : kena campak tengah laut in group, then we need to swim back to the shore. We’d been in the sea for 1 hour and 45 minutes….really mencabar
    • war Game : dropped inside the jungle at 8.00pm to fight the gerillas (real org asli punya gerilla). Our mission is to get a document bag were kidnapped by the gerillas. Takut gile dekat gerilla2 tu. Serang tak kira lelaki perempuan … we complete our mission at 2.00am. Our strategy were to combine the 4 groups then we all serang gerillas punya campsite. Pergh ….. and i dah terserang the cameraman..hahaha
    • Water Rafting
    • Abscelling & Flying Fox
    • Mental exercise : we all dah stress tahap gaban nak solve, hampir2 perang sesama sendiri ….

Finally, really enjoy the trip. Tp badan rasa nak patah kena baling bom (soya basi) fr gerilla. Busuk jgn cerita la…siap ada yg muntah kena bom. Hari ni, lebih 3 jam memanjakan diri kat serenity spa. best!

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