Life Goes On

This is real.

– I can’t tolerate with people who is in-considerate, in-human and no sense of responsibility.

– I don’t feel comfortable dealing with people with “very-alim” type. Looks like they are sooo good, but the truth is the opposite.

WHY? really u wanna know why? It’s something to do with the kids .. at their previous school/daycare (ohhh…really, they named it as day care). Something to do with the safety, something to do with their negligence … and they called it as amanah, while we as normal people named it as barakah. Got it? Still confuse?

Every cloud has a silver lining. My boys just moved to their new school (nearer, cleaner, and better) for about a month. After THAT incident, and after discussing with few others (my friends & the other kids parents…) I felt so great. For all that i knew, we’d made the right decision. while others has the same thought as us.

Ok, as parents.. can u agree with this?

– Your son/girl injured their eyes, they did’nt informed u about it. When we told them they said they dunno???? WTF

– They don’t even called u to ask about that, why? because the teacher in-charge was her dear husband? — Ya ya… i’ve called MOH & JKM, they’d adviced us regarding this. There should’nt be any man in any kindergarten/ daycare operation. So, why was he there? why why and why?

– When u came to the school to discuss on this, they kinda avoiding us. For what? Appointment when u want to meet them. Another F.

– They are hiring Indo****an as teacher? what? – The principal can called in HER HUSBAND as replacement teacher… for at least 3 weeks.

There are ethics in doing business. did i mentioned ethics? hmmm… i really need to go now. But will be back with more updates, definitely!

Bare with me

Never blame a day in your life.Good days Give you happiness.Bad Days give you experience.Both are essential in Life! All are God Blessings!

**** I have been going thru an “exciting” parenting experience last week, bare with me …things get harder when u’re dealing with difficult people with X number of age but C no of experience dealing with people/issues ****

mom’s day 2009

Happy Mothers day to all of you. For me, this year mother’s day was filled with medicine, cool-fever and soup. yes, the fever started a day after the little caliphs sports day. adoyai…teruk betul la. The kids also have slight flu & cough. Panas sangat kat luar.

Oh ya, hubby & the kids have something for me this moms day. The jade pendant that i’ve been eyeing for months. yeeha..thanks love!


As for myself, i gave my mom a wrist-watch. She’s planning to buy one, so that’s why i bought it for her. Love her sooo much & hope she likes it!


Back to reality, a lot of diseases outbreak for the past 1 month. So, what is your action? Me? Few times a day reminding the kids to wash their hands & foot especially when they are having their meals. And, from now on i will try my best to cook dinner for them. Safe & Save!


Economic downturn maybe bad for some. But some may leverage on this and treat it as an opportunity to gain extras. I’m also contemplating of how to leverage on current situation. Thought of buying another house (for investment purposes as i really like the location and facilities) initially, but then hubby don’t really like the house layout when it’s launched last week (duhhh). Now we’re hunting for bungalow lots (again!). We feel that buying piece of land is much more fun (or is it worth the investment?). So, now the clock is ticking. we’re hunting for a land for sale. Preferably in south Klang Valley i.e. Bangi, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya and Kajang. If any of you found any advert on this, pls fwd it to us ya! we’re serious buyer if we feel it’s worth the investment!


I’m an observer type of person. So does my son, Rayyan. Lately, i can easily feel pissed off when i interacted with this type of “funny-not-so-funny” people. argh… No no, maybe it’s PMS. but really, they are terrible…kakaka

It’s just too sweet …

To be with the kids is fun!

On my way back after picking up the kids from school, we passed by a 2 1/2 storey semi-d

Abang : Mummy, ni rumah orang kaya ke?
Me : Ye abang..rumah ni expensive. Orang kaya je boleh beli.

Then we passed by a new 2-storey terrace housing area

Abang : Mummy ni rumah org kaya ke biasa-biasa?
Me : a’ah Biasa-Biasa macam kita jugak…

Abang : Mummy, nanti abang nak belajar pandai2, lepas tu keja pilot, lepas tu boleh jadi kaya ..
Me : Bagus bagus…
Abang : nanti abang bagi mummy duit abang
Me : Takpe la…abang simpan je la duit abang, tak payah bagi mummy..Tapi abang jangan lupa bwk mummy & ayah g holiday.
Adik : Nanti, adik keja jadi kaya…adik bagi mummy ngan ayah syiling banyak2 ok..
Me : Hmmmm…Ok adik..kekekeke ( ni mesti sbb pengaruh bila ayah balik keja, pasti bagi dia duit syiling masuk tabung dia)


Rayyan is becoming more talkative these days. Balik sekolah je, dia mesti cerita what’s happening @ school. Lemme share some of his stories which will make me smile @ work.

1. Mummy, tadi kan masa solat idlan (his brother) tido berdengkur…abang dengar adik krrrkrrrkkrr masa sujud.

2. Mummy, Harris (his bf) hari ni kan bawak spender ayah dia pegi school… This one ha, really made me pecah perut. I wonder how was his teacher reaction .. kakaka

3. Mummy,Haris kan bawak bekal g school. Dia tak bagi pun abang sikit. Tapi bekal abang dia nak, abang kasi je dia… Hari tu kan, abang makan 1 aje nugget sbb haris makan 2, zikri makan 1… kesian anak2 aku. 🙂

4. Kesimpulannye, my son dah boleh jadi reporter, don’t u think so?

Earth Hour 2009

We will celebrate this with millions of people across the globe. We’re planning for a family candle-light dinner. Maybe some where around Putrajaya or Cyberjaya ? Kalau ada org nak join us pun best kan. Then we can gather kat any children playground ke…picnic pukul 8.30 – 9.30 malam on Saturday,28th March 2009. Pot-Luck dinner while enjoying the stars. Shall be fun kan…nak join? msg me… 🙂 To find out more about Earth Hour, visit the official website

V6 merajuk!!!

Latest News : Today I’ve got my car! best best … Hubby changed his mind to purchase another car when he got the car, ada sentimental value katanya…though it costs him total of 3.7K.  So, tomorrow i’ll be back with my 2.0. Tension woooo drive 1.3 masa cuti sekolah… 🙂

Update :- The workshop called in this’ll cost us 3K for them to repair our gearbox…fuh fuh…better still than to fork out more for a replacement!!! phewwwww

This morning I was supposed to be in Le Meridian, KL Sentral for a convention. At 7.20 am my car broke down at Sg. Ramal Dalam. Yes’s the gear box thingy. There goes the $$$ for this week paintball said hubby .. It’ll definitely cost not less than 5K but no more than 10K. Perdana V6 with the not so funny gearbox!!!! and this will leave me to be car-less for at least a week. Dah la sekrg high-flyer as according to Tina, I can just be anywhere within the working hours. Meeting ntah kat mana2..

Mesti V6 merajuk sbb we all have discussed about having another car recently while we’re on our way to T’ganu. And today we finally decided to use the car for at least till end of year, so that our investment in the new gearbox make sense!! Tapi surely tak boleh nak dapat rebate RM5K sbb tak sampai 10 thn lagi…Bye Bye VW GT! You will always be in my dream…

Update Update maulidur Rasul

Yeay I’m back to blogging world. Hmmm… kinda busy with work & life. Hubby went outstation almost every week, leaving 3-of-us at home. Whatta tiring weeks I had. This week was good. Hubby will only be leaving next Wednesday..again! I’m the king&queen of the house. The bad thing is, this week most of them were down to fever…They are lucky that I’m still ok.

Last weekend I brought the boys to PD. We’re joining my MBA gang for the PD Outing. Hubby was busy with his paintball thingy. So we left him in Bangi..hehe We stayed 1 nite in a bungalow we’d rented. There’re 21 adults and 2 kids. Huhhhh..the boys had fun. At nite we’re having BBQ, and late night chatting session. Happy to see most of my friends were there. After about 3 months leaving the schooling days.

This week, Hubby & myself were damn tired. Pancit after a month + w/o bibik. We’d put the kids to bed at 9pm almost every night! We also dozzzedd off at 9.30. So nice kan dapat tido awal. The trick was, we’d early dinner (around 6.30pm) anywhere after the kids going-to-the-park session for 30 mins. When we reached home they’re definitely so tired. washed them, gave them milk + medicine..and there they goes…at 9pm in-front of the television..zzzZZZZZzzzz..

This week also, I had a session of Massage & facial. I founded that the price for this beauty services went down a lot! The massage was rm50.40 @ zoukspa for 1 hr. The radiant-facial went for rm25 @ this is a new beauty saloon @ Sek.7 BBB going for a promo till end of march. Another thing, the restaurant & fast food are also too quiet nowadays. The economic slowdown, had slowed everything. With that, hubby had to sofly-kill his dream to buy me a small but expensive car this year. We have to save more for the future….huhuhu… we’ll see if the economic turn better next year! wish wish wish…

Ganu Kito

I’ve been ignoring the blog for more than a week now. I’m sort of busy with life and family, and let’s don’t talk about work. Everything is so taxing nowadays.

We were at Kuala Tganu last weekend. It’s my 2nd time there, the first time was with my-ex-UPM gang during the trip to Kapas Island (after we completed our degree in 1999).

The journey took us about 8 hours including a short stop in Kuantan and Kemaman. The kids were so restless, excited to reach the place. We stayed along Pantai Batu Burok (weird name, but the place is nice). The kids really enjoyed the stay as the room we stayed is pool-view and it’s 3 minutes walk to the kids park. Location is great as hubby got to settle his work, we could always go wherever we wished.

We went to the famous Pasar Payang & Masjid Kristal, shopped for few pieces of batik silk as they were soooo beautiful, went for a free town bus ride to muzium islam and so much more…Belief it or not, i have’nt got a chance for nasi dagang! But of course i had a lot of keropok lekor & ais krim goreng.

Not to forget, we have a new family member in Hj. Mohshir family. Afiqah Sofeea Aliza was born on 10th February 09 at Ampang Puteri Medical Center weighted 3.15kg . Congratulation Bro & Sis. The boys commented ” mummy, kenapa kakak sara boleh ada baby tp abang tak boleh ada baby? abang nak baby girl” while their hands menggeletek kaki & tangan baby dgn geramnye…. hahaha..not now boys, mummy can only take care of u both as at now. Penat pun tak habis lagi tau!

I will add photo later today ya.

CNY in Bangi

I want LRT Cake! Hmmm..thought of baking it for Rayyan, woke up as early as 6 am to bake. But… I was busy with grocery shopping for his party (last minute shop), then I finally decided to buy a cake and add in a LRT on it..yeay! he’s happy for it.

LRT in a chocolate tunnel

Rayyan was so happy boy, he’d invited 3 of his school friends and 2 turned up!

Then, we’d to say good-bye to our bam-bam maid, Rospita Dewi. The night before, we’d Bibik farewell dinner @ Chilis after 1 whole day last-minute shopping with me.
On Monday (CNY day), all of us (including wy parents and my brother family) were in LCCT. p1030266
Bye-bye bibik. Hope you will return … although i survive but it’s painfull when it’s weekend and I have to take care of the duos while hubby is at the paintball park. more weekend = shopping for me, weekend = cleaning, ya that’s me from now on..uhuk.

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